Intuitive Eating & Body Confidence Coaching

Quit Dieting.

End Emotional Eating.

Feel Confident and Joyful in Your Body.

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Are you sick of dieting, obsessing over your weight, and feeling out of control around food?  If so, you’re in the right place.

My mission is to help you quit dieting, end emotional eating, and make peace with food so you can feel confident and joyful in your body. 

Why is it so hard?

I get it because I’ve been there too. I lost years dieting, obsessing over my weight and bingeing on foods I’d labelled off-limits.  All that time, I wished someone would have come along and helped me put food and weight in their appropriate places. Guest what? That, someone, was me, but I just didn’t know it then.  

Through self-discovery, I found positive embodiment was the key to feeling "at home" in my body and making peace with food. Embodiment gives us a sense of agency that chronic dieting steals from us. It helps build a deep connection with ourselves, a sense of freedom, confidence, self-compassion, and empowerment. Living embodied means focusing on how we feel instead of how we look.

Many of my clients felt scared to try a different approach, but after working with me, they found: 

  • Self-compassion for the first time,
  • a deep connection with their body,
  • the ability to identify and respond to their body's needs,
  • confidence to express their truth,
  • a sense of freedom, strength, and self-worth,
  • the capacity to manage emotions without using foods to cope,
  • peace with food, their body, and the past.

Don't let diet culture rob you of any more time, energy, and money because there is a better way.  

How we can work together

If I could show you how to quit dieting for good, end emotional eating, and feel joyful and confident in your body, would you be open to trying it?

Private Coaching Program.  This 12-week personalized coaching program is based on the Intuitive Eating Principles. Using a body-centred therapeutic approach, we’ll address underlying emotional issues contributing to your eating patterns, food choices, and beliefs about your body. I’ll help tune in to your signals of hunger and fullness so you can eat what you like without guilt and feel satisfied. You’ll learn to set boundaries, honour your needs, make peace with food, and feel confident and joyful in your body.  

Emotional and Binge Eating Program. In this 6-week, private coaching program, we’ll work through underlying emotional issues contributing to your eating patterns and shift your mindset from one of restriction to self-care and compassion. You’ll learn to cope with your emotions without using food, reconnect with your body, listen to its signals, and find freedom from emotional and binge eating.

Debbie Vandennaker

"I have self compassion the first time in my life and an awareness of the connection between my behaviour and feelings and how my body responds, and I have more respect and communication with my body."Debbie Vandennaker, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada

Hayley Stanton Truro

"Before working with Stephenie, I felt unhealthy and ashamed of my body and my habits around food and exercise. Now I choose movement that feels good to me rather than what I think I should be doing. I feel more empowered, like I have the choice to be healthy rather than this being something that is fixed for me."Hayley Stanton Truro, United Kingdom

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