Break Free from the Diet Mentality!

Build Confidence in your Body

Beat the Binge-Restrict-Repeat Cycle

End Anxiety Around Food

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Hello Beautiful! I’m Stephenie and I help women who feel controlled by food, exercise, and body image break free from the diet mentality, build confidence in their bodies, and beat the "binge-restrict-repeat" cycle so they can rock their bodies, stop caring about what others think and put their energy and focus on what matters most to them.

I know you want to:

  • feel beautiful inside and out,
  • have pride in the way your body looks, feels, and moves,
  • know that you are enough and that weight and appearance are not more important than who you are, 
  • feel connected to yourself and others 
  • bring the joy back to little things like shopping for clothes, enjoying a meal at a restaurant without stressing about what to order or how much you need to exercise to burn it off.

Hey! I know it’s hard and you’re frustrated.  You’ve tried diets (cleverly disguised as “lifestyle changes”), pills, shakes, cleanses, fasting, excessive exercise, and down-right starving to get to some elusive, "perfect weight" and be the "perfect woman" (whatever that means). It’s maddening to feel controlled by persistent thoughts of when to eat, how much, and what you have to do later to burn it off. It’s lonely because nobody really understands.  Nobody seems to get it, but I do.

I’ve tried everything you have and I know they don’t get to the deeper need of wanting to be loved, accepted, and feeling good about yourself and your body. It’s not about the weight, or the food, or the exercise, it’s about so much more. Challenging long-held beliefs about food, your body, and what you’re told you should be like is difficult. I’m specially trained to help you loosen these beliefs and get to the heart of the matter. Freedom is in your mind.  When you make peace with and learn to accept yourself, you become free.  Are you done with diets?  Then read on.

How we can work together

Way to work with me #1 - The 8-week “Rock Your Body" Confidence Program is for you if you want to get real-life results fast!  I’ve worked through this program with all types of women who have finally made peace with and learned to accept themselves. This is what “Rock Your Body” is all about. It’s holistic and personalized just for you. Read more about how I work in Vista Magazine. Connect with me to see if we're a good fit! 

Way to work with me #2 -  One-on-one private Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions. Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as EFT or Tapping, is a great first step toward freedom from food if you aren’t able to commit to an 8-week program. Using this tool we literally “rewire” your brain helping loosen the negatively held beliefs about your body, weight, and food. If you’re interested in reading more about EFT, you can read my article in Vista Magazine.  If you’re interested in EFT book a free session to see if we’re a good fit!

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