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Hi, I’m Stephenie.

I support women dealing with the crushing weight of disordered thoughts, patterns, and behaviours that can remain after eating disorder (ED) treatment.  Holding a safe space, I help them reconnect with and inhabit their bodies, process their feelings, and give them the tools, guidance, and skills to support themselves through future setbacks.

Why I do this work

It took me a decade of personal struggle to distill the lessons and equip myself with the tools that enabled me to take agency over my own healing.  Now, I want to share these insights with you.

Why is this so hard?

Conventional treatment focuses only on external factors – if you’re at a normal weight and not engaging in disordered behaviours. These things are of paramount importance to heal the body.  What this approach doesn’t do is help you heal the emotional and cognitive issues that lie beneath your flesh and bone.

Maybe you move on after treatment and think that’s it, but when pressures from the outside world become too much, you realize that residual patterns are still alive inside you.  You find yourself struggling with internal voices telling you to treat your body like the enemy, that you need to escape it somehow.  You may have healed your body, but you don’t have the tools to feel truly empowered and to gain agency over your own life.

For many of us, our ED is treated as the main issue, not a symptom of the main issue.  Because of this, the deeper healing work isn’t engaged, and your deeper potentials for health and wholeness remain unrealized. I’m not pretending to have the answers for you because you already have them locked inside. My job is to hold the space and give you the support you need to take agency over your own life. You don’t have to struggle for another decade trying to understand why you have the same thoughts and routines; working together,, we can unpack the past and help you move forward into a healthy future.

I know that you’re afraid of gaining weight and losing control over food. I know that you’re struggling to fulfill your responsibilities and live a full life due to your disordered thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

I know how to hold a safe, sacred space for you, to create a customized program, and to support you with the best tools for your specific situation.

How we can work together

Private Coaching.  I offer a fully customized experience. We work together remotely so that you can be in your own safe and familiar space to maximize comfort and relaxation. Using scientifically validated energy techniques, movement, and coaching, I help you release negative emotions, change limiting beliefs, and address ingrained patterns. In addition, you’ll learn strategies you can incorporate into a daily routine to support yourself through future setbacks.

Yoga and eating disorders:  a self-compassionate approach to healing.  Yoga is a cornerstone of my healing practice, and is invaluable in creating a sacred space to help you inhabit your body, regain a sense of safety, and overcome feelings of depression, grief, and anxiety.  No Yoga or Meditation experience is necessary. To experience the calming effect of meditation and get you started in this powerful transformative practice, look under my “free stuff” tab and sign up for your “free resources”.

Emotional Freedom Techniques for eating disorders.  (EFT)  is a form of energy psychology that recognizes the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  The technique does not remove memories but removes the associated negative emotions from painful memories.  This technique offers freedom from fear, stress, anxiety, and other emotional pitfalls.  It is a gentle, reliable, yet powerful technique that can address even our most traumatic experiences.  Look under my “free stuff” tab and sign up for your “free resources” to learn more about EFT.