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Loving Your Body Versus Accepting Your Body

After years of feeling shame about your body, believing you must love it can lead to frustration. Loving your entire body is a daunting task. Believe me, I know that. When I was very young, a relative of mine made a comment about my thighs. Although I was only a little girl, my conclusion was…

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Eating is Self-Care

It took me years to get over the unhealthy eating patterns. I would skip meals saying I was too busy to eat. I cut food-groups from my diet to adopt a “healthy lifestyle” when, in fact, I was ruining my hormonal health. All of this, coupled with constant negative self-talk, put a strain on my…

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Tips to Avoid Overeating

Do you turn to food when you’re tired, bored, or frustrated, even when you’re not hungry? I understand because I’ve been there too. I spent years dieting to control my weight in the hopes that I’d be more loveable, successful, and happy if I were thin enough.  Those days are long gone and I’m living proof…

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Let Go and Let Good into Your Life

We all know people who are easy going; they accept things as they come and they’re open to new experiences.  They enjoy the present moment and never feel they have to force or control other people or situations to meet their needs.  These people go through life knowing that they are supported no matter what…

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