Your Resiliency Tool-Kit

Your Resiliency Tool-kit contains the specific tools I used to overcome my personal struggles, build resiliency, create positive changes, and achieve my goals.

Your Life. Blueprint includes:

Free Healing Meditations

I've used meditation for years to release stress, deal with difficult emotions, and increase clarity and focus. Meditation gives you a safe refuge, no matter what is going on around you. Experience a guided meditative journey that can reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep patterns, enhance immune system function, and relieve muscle tension & pain.

EFT Revealed

I created this E-Book so that you can understand the basics of EFT and why it's such a powerful tool to empower you and increase your resiliency. Using EFT literally rewires your brain, it helps to lower stress hormones, and balance the nervous system.

I can't even express how much EFT has helped me in my life. Use the tapping script or follow the video to relieve stress and anxiety whenever you need it. This isn't a substitute for professional help, it's meant to guide you on how to tap so you can use it as an immediate intervention when needed.