Welcome to the Body Image Challenge

Stephenie Farrell

The Body Image Challenge is perfect for you if you’re sick of:

  • measuring your self-worth by numbers on a scale,
  • Stressing over how you look, 
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your skin no matter your weight and size,

I understand because I’ve been there.  It seems scary now, but I know firsthand that working on your body image and making peace with food will be the BEST decision you make. This is why I created The Body Image Challenge.

What you need to do:

  1. Every other day for ten days, you'll receive an email with your action step and a positive affirmation for that day. (I'm adding in an extra day between the five steps because I understand that life can get in the way).
  2. Tomorrow you'll receive your first action step and positive affirmation.
  3. Get yourself a journal to make notes in as you complete the actions. Write your affirmations out, put them on sticky paper and stick them up somewhere you'll see them every day. I like to put mine on the mirror in my bathroom, so I see them every morning and every night before I go to bed. You can also make them into a screen saver or set an alarm every few hours to read them. Let these positive messages sink in, feel them, then believe them.
  4. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Be sure to add stephenie@stepheniefarrell.com  to your address book, so all of my emails reach you.*
  6. At the end of the ten days, take time and celebrate! I'll have a special gift for you.

What people are saying about the Challenge:

"I'm now able to give myself permission to move and find relief from uncomfortable feelings!"

"Before, I was struggling with overeating, under-exercising, a lack of motivation and feeling rubbish about my body."

"Now I feel much calmer and gentler about my journey. Not so hard on myself and that makes me more successful in the changes I am trying to make to be more healthy and strong."

Are you ready and set to go?

I'm ready, send me the challenge!

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