The 5-day Body Confidence Challenge

Build confidence in your body and feel comfortable in your skin!

Stephenie Farrell

I work with women just like you, who are sick of feeling controlled by food, exercise, poor body-image, and are uncomfortable in their skin.  The challenge will help you start to feel more confident in your body in 5 days. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Stop being a prisoner to your size,
  • Break free from the beauty myth,
  • And accept your body

Learning to accept our bodies, and feel confidently in our skin, requires a shift in thinking that challenges the impossible standards society sets about what we should weigh and how we should look in order to be “happy”.

This is perfect for you if you’re sick of:

  • measuring your self-worth by numbers on a scale,
  • Stressing over how you look, 
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your skin no matter your weight and size,

I’m Stephenie and I help women who feel like their lives are controlled by food, exercise, and body image, free themselves from self-destructive eating patterns and feel confidently in their own skin!

I understand because I’ve been there. I know how scary the idea of accepting your body is when you’ve spent most of your life hating it. Are you anxious about gaining weight when you stop obsessing over calories?  I can help loosen the grip that food and exercise have over you.  It seems scary now, but I know firsthand that working on feeling confidently in your body will be the BEST decision you make. This is why I created The 5-day Body Confidence Challenge to help make this journey a little easier for you. 

Here are your next moves:

  1. Download The 5-Day Body Confidence Challenge and get started on the challenge for day 1.
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