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When you’re stuck in a disordered pattern, eating certain foods or changing your routine can be terrifying.

You may have tried to distract yourself from the emotions welling up inside you or from the urge to engage in disordered behaviours or retreat to the safety of rigid routines. This struggle can leave us feeling like we’re failing.

You might ask yourself,  ” How can I still be stuck in this disordered pattern years after recovery?”

A formal “medical recovery” was only half the battle for me. Yes, I looked fine on the outside, but on the inside I was a hot mess of thoughts, emotions and urges to retreat to familiar disordered behaviours that made me feel safe.

Why is it so hard?

At some point in your life, something may have happened that was hurtful or traumatic. In response, you developed a coping mechanism to protect yourself from what felt dangerous or painful. Controlling food or your body may have become that coping mechanism.

It was helpful at the time, it made you feel safe, and it seemed to solve the problem. But over time, using that coping strategy created a pattern that became hard-wired into your brain.

Now, every time you’re triggered, your nervous system activates the stress response, and you turn to your learned coping mechanism. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’ve been there. I can hold a safe space for you to heal, and I am uniquely equipped to help you untangle your emotions, reconnect with and inhabit your body, and give you the tools, guidance, and skills to support yourself through future setbacks.

How do sessions work?

I offer a fully customized experience. We work together remotely so that you can be in your own safe and familiar space to maximize comfort and relaxation.

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