Intuitive Eating Counselling

Dump The Diet Program

Hi Love,

You seem confident on the outside, but on the inside, you're full of self-doubt. You want to quit dieting, stop eating when nobody's looking and feel confident in your body, but you feel hopeless.

You know you need to make changes but don't do anything about it, thinking, "I'll enjoy the food now and fix it later." Am I right?

I know it's hard because I've been there before.  If you're like I was, you wish people would just stop commenting on your weight. It's painful that they don't see the person you are beyond your body.

Other methods don't work because people can only offer what they think you need, another diet.
They don't understand that dieting and losing weight will never shift your mindset from restriction to self-care, help you feel empowered, and nourish your body without the fear of losing control. Do you think another diet is going to solve the problem?

What if you don't have to diet or lose weight to be confident in your body and proud of how it moves, looks, and feels?

I don't offer diets, but I do offer a way to quit dieting, become confident in your body, and be proud of how it moves, looks, and feels. That's what the Dump The Diet Program is all about.

Sure, I've got all the necessary qualifications, but what REALLY matters is that I've been where you are, and I can help you find your way.

"I was eating my emotions, afraid of certain foods, and eating out of control. I wasn't sure that it was possible to make a positive and lasting change in my relationship with my body, food and myself. Now, my world of food has opened up. I trust my body and its wisdom to communicate with me."Wendy Sun, Psychotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, Toronto, ON

What we'll do together in the Dump The Diet Program  

  • Explore your history with food and how dieting has messed with your life,  
  • improve your relationship with food and your body,
  • connect you to your hunger and fullness signals,
  • shift your mindset to restriction to self-care, 
  • enjoy food without the fear of losing control, and
  • resolve negative beliefs about your body and replace them with body awareness. 

What's included in the program?

  • Ten private coaching sessions (60-minutes each),
  • tools, resources, and materials to help enhance our work between sessions,
  • recaps of our sessions, including action steps and personalized recommendations and,
  • non-judgmental, compassionate care customized to your needs,
  • one 60-minute bonus follow-up session after the program for continued support and guidance,
  • Special meditations, narrated by me to help you connect with your body, 
  • A copy of The Intuitive Eating Workbook to use throughout the program

Your investment is $1595.00 +HST or three payments of 585.00 +HST

*Please note: My coaching programs are not for people struggling with clinically diagnosed eating disorders. Please contact the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) for referrals if you have a clinically diagnosed eating disorder.

Step-by-step breakdown of the Dump The Diet Program

Step 1: Let's get to know each other.  Our first session is the time for us to evaluate where you are, what keeps you stuck, and where you want to be in three months. Then, we'll talk about your past, dreams, goals and create a plan of action to get you there. 

Step 2: Dump the dieting mindset.  In step two you'll explore how dieting has impacted your life, learn why diets don't work in the long term, and we'll debunk the myths of dieting and weight loss. 

Step 3: Awareness is key. In step three we'll examine your beliefs about food and your body, review the influence your family, partner, or friends have on your relationship with food and your body and, use mind, body and brain techniques to build body awareness to start to trust yourself again. 

Step 4: Learn to honour your hunger.  In step four of the program, you'll get to practice body awareness, learn to listen for subtle signals of hunger, and, recognize these signals so you can properly nourish your body.  

Step 5:  Satisfaction. Learn how to make meals more pleasurable and satisfying, why adding more to your plate is a good thing, how to make snacks sustain you for longer, and dodge distractions so your meals are more satisfying and enjoyable. 

Step 6: Eat without feeling guilty. In this step we'll challenge the thoughts that lead you to believe there are good and bad foods, explore where these beliefs came from, and identify any "forbidden" foods so we can have a mindful eating experience together in step seven. 

Step 7: Mindful eating.  You'll practice being mindful while eating and using all your five senses, learn how to tell when you're full, and shift your mindset from restriction to self-care.  

Step 8: End emotional eating. In step eight you'll identify emotions that cause you to turn to food for comfort, find out where this emotional eating pattern was created, and together we'll practice brain, mind and body techniques to resolve emotional stress or trauma, so you no longer feel the need to eat your emotions. 

Step 9:  Addressing your real emotional needs. Step nine is all about learning self-help techniques to calm your emotions, discovering new tools to help you cope with stress, and finding healthy ways of meeting your emotional needs. 

Step 10: Healing through movement. In step ten we'll practice mind, brain, and body techniques to release stress and tension, use movement and body awareness to make you feel energized and alive, and, connect with your body in a way that feels good, so you can feel proud of how your body looks, feels and moves.

Frequently asked questions

"Can I lose weight with Intuitive Eating?"  A genuine Intuitive Eating Counsellor will NEVER promise weight loss as an outcome. Intuitive Eating is NOT a diet. It's about healing your relationship with food and your body, freeing you from the harm dieting causes, and cultivating trust in your body again. Most people either gain a small amount of weight in the beginning or stay the same. It's rare, but some people experience a slight unintentional loss of weight while going through the process. Aside from the fact that weight lost through dieting isn't maintained in the long run, dieting will further disconnect you from your body. The Intuitive Eating process connects you with your body and restores body trust while leaving you well-nourished.

"If I let myself eat off-limit foods, won't I eat uncontrollably?"    When you make peace with food and trust what you like will always be available to you, you'll naturally be able to stop eating. Guilt is what tends to make people eat off-limit foods uncontrollably. Being an Intuitive Eater means eating what you like without guilt. For a short while, you may eat more of those off-limit foods, but only because you've restricted them in that past. You've been depriving yourself, and when we heal that deprivation, these foods will take their appropriate place in your life.

“I can’t pay the full amount. Can I break it down into payments?”  To make my services accessible I offer different payment plans and I'm willing to work with you in a way that fits your budget.

“I’ve tried everything. How do I know this will work for me?”  If you have tried everything, that tells me that you’re ready and those other things haven't gotten to the root of what is keeping you stuck in the diet/body image trap.

Debbie Vandennaker

"The self discovery I have experienced is a true gift, and I will keep building on the foundations of awareness, acceptance and connection that you helped me achieve. Working with you was an incredibly amazing experience. With huge gratitude for you and your skills - thank you."Debbie Vandennaker, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada

Hayley Stanton Truro

"I have stopped seeing myself as someone who is 'unhealthy' which has created space for me to make healthier choices. Thank you! This support has impacted my life far more than I expected."Hayley Stanton Truro, United Kingdom