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What would it feel like to live a life of freedom around food?

I understand what it’s like after recovery to struggle with disordered thoughts, patterns and behaviours around food and our bodies. 

“Yoga as a self-compassionate and individualized approach to healing.

Yoga was the catalyst that helped me reclaim my life, release trauma, and build my resiliency.  Practicing yoga, meditation, and body awareness helps develop a profound sense of connection and empowerment.

We’ll soothe the nervous system, inhabit our bodies, release emotions within our muscles and fascia, so we can identify and respond to our physical and emotional needs with care and compassion.  Yoga helps lower your stress hormones and balance the nervous system leaving you with more clarity and a relaxed mind/body. It also helps you reconnect with your body, process energy, and even release stuck emotions.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (often called EFT or Tapping) is a form of energy psychology that recognizes the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  When you’re stuck in this disordered pattern, eating certain foods or changing your routine are terrifying. I can help you change this by addressing what created the pattern in the first place using EFT.

It’s EFT’s highly individualized approach, which is the reason why it’s so powerful and effective. The technique doesn’t remove our memories but removes the associated negative emotions from our painful memories.

This technique offers freedom from fear, stress, anxiety, and other emotional pitfalls.  It is a gentle, reliable, yet powerful technique that can address even our most traumatic experiences.

How do sessions work?

Fully customized private sessions. We meet remotely and work together create a safe, sacred space to help you reconnect with and inhabit your body and learn tools that empower you to avoid future setbacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m so busy. Will, I even have time to do this”

There is no good time to take the chance and dive in —  The fact that you are here tells me you are ready.

“I’ve tried everything. So how do I know this is going to work for me?”

If you have tried everything, you’re more ready than ever. I have been there, and I have helped many other women exactly where you are. You’ll have my support every step of the way.