Binge & Emotional Eating Group Program

Power-up & Trust Your Body!

Can't stop binge eating?

Hi Love,

Does this sound like you?

You're "good" for a while and spend most of your time exercising, "eating clean," and eliminating any "bad" foods, but then have intense episodes of losing control and finding yourself face-deep in a pan of brownies. 

Am I right? Food is always there for you. It offers comfort, numbs loneliness, boredom, grief, stress, fear and sure, sometimes it just tastes so good! 

I get it because I've been there too.  I ate food while no one was looking, exercised like a mad-woman, and demonized my "sweet tooth".  I've eaten candy bars out of my trash cans during binges. I was crazy around food, and it was all I thought of most of the time! 

So, I know you want to:

  • Stop bingeing, feeling guilty, and frustrated by your "lack of control."
  • Eat whatever you like without worrying about gaining weight.
  • Feel confident in your skin.
  • End the madness around certain foods.
  • Release the need to compare yourself to others. 
  •  Feel hot and sexy inside and out! 

You've tried it all; exercise, "lifestyle" changes like cutting out gluten and dairy, and "clean-eating," but you're going around in the same circles trying to "fix" yourself, only to end up right where you began. So, restrict, binge, and repeat again! 

Other solutions don't work because most people only offer you band-aids. These solutions don't leave you feeling free and empowered but instead leave you feeling more out of control. Band-aids can't help you build trust in your body based on the foundations of awareness and connection.  

I don't offer band-aids, but I do offer awareness and connection. My super-power is to help women end binge and emotional eating and feel confident in their own skin. That's what the "Power-up and Trust Your Body Program" is all about. I've got all the necessary qualifications, but what REALLY matters is that I've been where you are, and I can help you find your way.

"I was eating my emotions, afraid of certain foods, and eating out of control. I wasn't sure that it was possible to make a positive and lasting change in my relationship with my body, food and myself. Now, my world of food has opened up. I trust my body and its wisdom to communicate with me."Wendy Sun, Psychotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, Toronto, ON

In the 8-week Power-up & Trust Your Body Group Program, you'll learn:

  • To tune into your hunger and fullness cues.
  • Eat any food without losing control. 
  • Practice mindful eating.
  •  Identify emotional triggers that cause you to binge. 
  • Learn how to break the "restrict- binge-repeat" eating pattern. 
  • Feel satisfaction from eating.
  • Let go of your harsh inner-critic.
  • Examine dieting and how it's interfered with your life.
  • Build body awareness and trust. 
  • Learn energetic tools and practices to relieve stress. 

What's Included in the 8-week Power up and Trust Your Body Group Program

  • A dieting history & Intuitive eating assessment to fill out before we begin.
  • 1, thirty-minute, 1-1 getting to know you session with me before we begin. Value-$75.00
  • 8x one hour-long group teaching sessions that's one a week!). Value- $600.00
  • Weekly exercises to help you break the binge & emotional eating cycle. Value - $180.00
  • 5 mind-body tools to decrease stress & improve your success. Value-$120.00
  • 2 Special meditations to help you connect with your body. Value-$50.00
  • Community support in our private group. 
  • 1, thirty-minute, 1-1 coaching session with me after the 8 weeks to assess your progress, answer questions and support you on your way. Value-$75.00

Total time commitment = 3 hours/week

Total Value: $1100.00 USD

Your Investment is only: $650.00 USD

Our work together starts with you answering a few pre-session questions in the assessment forms. Then, in our private session, we'll dive into where you're struggling the most, what your goals are for the program, and any revelations you've had over the past few years.

Week by week breakdown

Week 1:  Dump the diet mindset. Learn why diets don't work in the long term; we'll debunk the myths of dieting and weight loss. Then, I'll guide you through an experience to learn how to release that harsh inner critic, so you can tune it out and focus on the voice of your True Self. 

Week 2: Body Awareness. You'll learn to build body awareness with easy step-by-step tools. Then, on our weekly call, you'll discover processes to recognize the subtle signals your body gives you.  

Week 3: Learn to honour your hunger. You'll get to practice tuning into your signals of hunger and fullness. You'll learn to recognize these signals so you can start to properly nourish your body again. 

Week 4: Satisfaction. Learn how to make meals more pleasurable and satisfying, how to snack to sustain yourself longer, and dodge distractions, so your meals are more enjoyable. 

Week 5: Eat without feeling guilty.  We'll identify any "forbidden" foods to have a mindful eating group experience together in step seven. 

Week 6: Mindful eating. You'll practice being mindful while eating and using all your five senses, learn how to tell when you're full, shifting your mindset from restriction to self-care.

Week 7: End emotional eating. This week we'll identify emotions that cause you to turn to food for comfort, find out where this emotional eating pattern was created so you no longer feel the need to eat your emotions. You'll learn resourcing techniques to calm your emotions, cope with stress, and explore healthier ways of meeting your real emotional needs. 

Week 8: This week, we bring together the work we've done over the eight weeks. It's about YOU going on to live your best possible life as your True Self. Setting your goals, instilling resourcing techniques to avoid setbacks and looking to the future with confidence for what comes next.

Jennifer Tabrizi

"Working with Stephenie has been a wonderful and life-changing experience. I honestly do not feel like the same person… I now feel confident, self-assured, and ready to shine my light."Jennifer Tabrizi, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Michelle Kirk

"Stephenie helped me connect to my emotions again to release things from my past that were no longer serving me. She made me feel comfortable and safe to express myself!"Michelle Kirk, Port Huron, Michigan, USA


"I'm SO busy. Will, I even have time to do this"

Let me ask you this — do you have time to keep wasting time NOT figuring this out? There is no good time to take the chance and dive in — you have to decide that you want it badly enough and then GO for it. It's always going to be scary, and I know you are tired of waiting for the perfect time. But, the fact that you are here tells me you are ready (even if it's scary!)

"I've tried everything. How do I know this is going to work for me" 

If you have tried everything, that tells me that You're more ready than ever. I have been there, and I have helped many other women who are exactly where you are. You'll also have the support of our private group, and that's invaluable. When we come together, there is nothing we can't accomplish!

I'm not quite ready - can I email you my question?

(Yes, you can, right here)