Feel more connected, confident and in tune with your body.

Intuitive Eating Counseling & Body Confidence Coaching.

Do you want to make a positive and lasting change in your relationship with food, your body and yourself?

Hi, I'm Stephenie. I help women feel more connected, confident, and in tune with their bodies.  As a result, they spend less time feeling bad about their bodies and more time focusing on the things they love.

Why do I do this work?  My "why" is my journey. 

I went through most of my life feeling “less than” and “not enough.” I don’t want you to stay stuck there as long as I did.  I believe every woman should feel confident & joyful in their body no matter their weight, shape, or size.  

Why is this so hard?

Eating should be an intuitive process focused on how we feel and what our body needs but, unfortunately for many of us, it's become an unconscious, emotional and often disconnected experience. It's painful, and it's frustrating. But, I understand because I've been there before. So often dieting and eating habits have less to do with our bodies and more to do with something that needs healing inside.

I know this matters to you because you want to: 

  • Stop obsessing over your weight and what you're eating.
  • Feel comfortable in your skin.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Release old patterns and habits.
  • Enjoy fashion, wear tight clothes, and feel sexy!

What could you do if you felt lighter physically, mentally and emotionally with more energy and headspace for other things? 

I'll show you how to shift your eating patterns, giving you the tools to feel confident and empowered. Then, we'll work together on your inner healing and create lifelong change. 

How we can work together

Power-up and Trust Your Body Group Coaching for Women This 8-week program is a step-by-step approach designed to help you create a better relationship with food, your body, and yourself. Throughout our journey together, you'll learn to eat any food without losing control, tune into your hunger and fullness cues, break the binge cycle, and much more with the support of our private group. As a result, you'll feel lighter physically, mentally and emotionally with energy and headspace for more important things. Find out more about group coaching here.

Yoga for a Better Body Image:  These virtual sessions create a feeling of comfort, ease in and being "at home" in your body. You'll regain your sense of agency by engaging in body-based yoga and specialized energy techniques.
This class will help you build confidence, appreciate what your body can do, reconnect and learn to listen to your body's signals. Ground yourself in a practice that helps you feel centred. Group sessions hosted by Purple Poppy Yoga. Want private sessions?  Sure, contact me here

The Intuitive Eating Journey. This journey is a 12-week holistic approach encouraging a healthy relationship with food and a positive body image. I'll teach you how to apply the ten principles of Intuitive Eating in your life to make long-lasting changes. You'll practice tuning into your hunger and fullness, managing your emotions, eating mindfully and honouring your needs. After this journey, you'll end up feeling at peace with food and confident & joyful in your body. Find out more about private 1-1 coaching with me here.

Debbie Vandennaker

"I have self compassion the first time in my life and an awareness of the connection between my behaviour and feelings and how my body responds, and I have more respect and communication with my body."Debbie Vandennaker, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada

Hayley Stanton Truro

"Before working with Stephenie, I felt unhealthy and ashamed of my body and my habits around food and exercise. Now I choose movement that feels good to me rather than what I think I should be doing. I feel more empowered, like I have the choice to be healthy rather than this being something that is fixed for me."Hayley Stanton Truro, United Kingdom

Mikayla Shaw

"Before working with you, my body and food were the centres of my day. I couldn't focus on anything other than exercising or restricting more than I did the day before. After working with you, I feel more connected, confident, and in tune with my body. I'm kinder to myself and have been able to make new goals for the future that aren't body-related."Mikayla Shaw, Lindsay, ON

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