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Eating is Self-Care

It took me years to get over the unhealthy eating patterns. I would skip meals saying I was too busy to eat. I cut food-groups from my diet to adopt a “healthy lifestyle” when, in fact, I was ruining my hormonal health. All of this, coupled with constant negative self-talk, put a strain on my relationship. My job suffered. I was so depleted from not feeding myself adequately that I just couldn’t “show up” in my life. I’m sharing this with you, so maybe you see food and eating differently. Eating is an act of self-care.

Food is pleasurable and meant to be enjoyed.  A hot bowl of soup on a winters’ day or having ice cream on a hot summer day can be enjoyable. When we turn to food regularly to avoid, numb, or distract us from painful or uncomfortable feelings, it can become problematic. If this is something you’re having difficulty with, approach yourself with self-compassion and ask yourself what you think you really need in those moments.  Then come up with some alternative activities that will provide you with what you need.

Food also affects our energy levels. If you’re not eating adequately or going without food for long periods, you’re likely not getting the energy needed to perform your best.  Taking the time out of your day to eat isn’t a waste of time- it’s self-care.  Eating enough fats, carbohydrates and proteins during the day will allow you the clarity, energy and focus you need to complete your day with ease.

Ever heard of the hangry?  Well, it’s a combination of hungry and angry.   Food helps regulate your mood because it’s a source of compounds that contribute to your hormones.  Healthy hormones generally equal a balanced mood. An adequate intake of carbohydrates is particularly essential because carbs fuel your brain.  Not getting enough can lead to feeling confused, fuzzy-headed, irritable, and having difficulty making decisions.

What if you can’t trust your body to tell you when you’re hungry/ full?  If you’re not able to tune into your hunger/fullness cues, it doesn’t mean they are broken- you can learn to develop and trust them again.  Becoming an Intuitive Eater can help.  You’ll learn not only to tune into your hunger/fullness, but you’ll also learn how different foods make you feel, respect your body and get more satisfaction out of your meals.

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