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Let Go and Let Good into Your Life

We all know people who are easy going; they accept things as they come and they’re open to new experiences.  They enjoy the present moment and never feel they have to force or control other people or situations to meet their needs.  These people go through life knowing that they are supported no matter what comes their way. Wouldn’t it be nice to show up like every day?  To go with the flow and achieve your goals with ease?  Well now it’s time to let go and let good into your life.

Are you ready to discover how you can finally receive what you’ve been asking for through the art of allowing?

I was taught, as maybe you were, that I had to work hard to achieve my goals and that if I wanted something in life I’d have to go out and ‘take the bull by the horns’ to make something happen.  There were times that I wanted something so badly I’d spent every waking moment trying to make it happen.  By the time I finally pushed enough and thought I’d achieved what I wanted, I was exhausted.  Then I’d end up feeling frustrated because what I’d worked so hard for wasn’t even what I wanted in the end.  Most of the time things would just blow up in my face. Then I’d have a major meltdown and spend days, sometimes weeks picking myself up after falling flat on my face.  In those days, I always felt like I was swimming upstream.

Ultimately, I learned that when we really force things to happen, instead of working toward our goals in a calm and peaceful way, that we end up ever more stuck, frustrated and exhausted getting very little in return.

Yes, allowing sounds simple enough, but it’s actually very hard to do.  Most of us are conditioned from an early age to go out and take the bull by the horns!

What if I said we don’t have to spend so much energy to achieve what we want- sure, maybe forcing things to happen will bring some things we want toward us, but it can actually block us off from allowing something better into our lives.

I know, you might be thinking: ‘well if I don’t go out there and take action then nothing will happen.’  Of course this is true, you can’t just sit on the couch and expect that if you’re feeling good, and thinking good thoughts that magically your ‘goods’ will arrive.

We do have to take action toward our goals- but it’s important to take inspired action.  To me, the word inspiration really means being in spirit or being connected to Spirit or Source energy.  So if we take action that is inspired, when we are fully connected to our inner guide, to our source then we can take action that comes from a place of pure positive potential and love.  If we refuse to listen to our inner guide and rely instead on our Ego, or even worse- rely on others to tell us what actions to take- we end up forcing things and often we are lead astray from our intended goal.   When we are inspired to take action feel connected, joyful, and our creativity flows naturally, effortlessly.

So it’s important to connect with our inner guide to get clear on what actions to take.  One of the best ways you can connect to our inner guide is through a daily practice of meditation.  Getting still and silent helps us to clear away the noise of the outside world so we can focus on the voice within.

Try not to confuse the voice of your inner guide with that of the EGO.

But how can we tell the difference?  How do I know that what I’m hearing is really from my inner guide or my EGO?  When we are truly connected with our inner guide, our source, we see through the eyes of love- we feel confident and joyous. When we are coming from our EGO selves – we see through the fearful eyes of the EGO= we feel negative emotions and have negative thoughts about ourselves or others. The EGO voice compares and judges- when we listen to our EGO voice we may believe that; WE ARE WHAT WE HAVE, WE ARE WHAT WE DO, WE ARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OF us, AND WE ARE SEPARATE FROM other people and from our Source.

Practicing some form of daily meditation helps us become more conscious and helps us open the “communication lines” to our inner guide and to our Source.

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